Appointment Setting

We specialize in appointment setting (both telephonic as well as face to face) with senior decision makers.

It works for you because we take the time to understand your business & requirements so when we're on the phone with a customer they feel we're a part of your Co. & not just a 3rd party trying to win business on your behalf. We work very closely with you to ensure you get the best results from the campaign we work on. We do all the initial leg work for you which involves making 100s of calls each day & chasing those who could be interested in your services, so that you or your sales team could concentrate on closing/ selling instead of wasting time cold calling businesses & trying to find potential clients which could at times be a very taxing process.

We help open the doors for you so you could go straight in & discuss your deal with your potential client who has obviously agreed to a certain day & time to hear us out.

So we help you cut down the time you'd otherwise spend cold calling businesses.

Some of the areas that we cover include Appointment setting:

  • For Online demos, seminar booking, other events, etc.
  • With the office manager wanting to place an order for the product in question
  • With the decision make re services like – commercial insurance, gas & electricity, mobile/ landline contracts, etc.

As long as we put together a plan/ strategy in place i.e. you're prepared to work with us to make it work, regardless of how common or niche your market is, we can guarantee success.

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